Entry Fees

  • FREE – Young Travel Photographer of the Year
  • Four-image portfolios £18 per entry – (Landscapes & Adventure; Living World; People & their Stories)
  • 2 x Four-image portfolios £30 when entered at the same time
  • Eight-image portfolio £30 per entry – (Best 8)
  • One Shot – £10 per entry – (Green Planet; Icons of Travel; As Shot)
  • Smart Shot £8 per entry – (iTravelled)
  • Travel Shorts (HD video) £30
  • Any 10 images £40 – single images, portfolios or a combination of both (for example two four-image portfolios and two single image categories) entered at the same time
  • Eligibility for the award of Travel Photographer of the Year 2021 is automatic for any entrant aged 19 and above who submits 8 or more images in any combination of portfolio categories.

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Payment of entry fees: Entry fees must be paid in pounds sterling (£) only. Image submissions will be paid for during the online entry process. Entry fees will only be refunded where an entrant has made purchase in error. This request must be made within two weeks of making the entry purchase or the fees cannot be refunded.

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Our sponsors

It would not be possible to run Travel Photographer of the Year without the support of our sponsors and partners, and we are hugely grateful for their involvement each year.